Sam Solakyan is the Chairman and CEO of S3 Capital, a private equity firm with a focus on helping business owners overcome barriers on their path to success. Since its founding, Mr. Solakyan has built S3 Capital’s current portfolio to include businesses in biotechnology, revenue cycle management, diagnostic imaging, specialized medical services for law enforcement, large data mining, and business intelligence technology.

Inspired by the hard work of his parents, Mr. Solakyan began his entrepreneurial career at age 14, selling pagers and repairing computers. Quick to develop new goals and build from his experiences, he continued to pursue additional opportunities all while maintaining a firm dedication to his education. A position at a radiology company would spark his passion for healthcare, thus inspiring him to eventually start his own firm, Modern Radiology.

From there, Mr. Solakyan would develop several thriving businesses, including Access Integrated Healthcare, Vital Medical Services, Beyond VIP, Global Pharmaceuticals, Paramount Management Services, and Vital Imaging. In 2015, he formed S3 Capital, allowing him to oversee each endeavor and nurture their growth within the same umbrella.

Aside from his commitment to developing thriving businesses, Mr. Solakyan is driven by an unparalleled dedication to his community. He serves on the Board of Directors for a range of organizations, including Drug Enforcement Agency Foundation, National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, Los Angeles Sheriff’s Youth Foundation, and Covenant House California. His penchant for philanthropy has provided significant support to these and other children’s charities and causes.

Mr. Solakyan has been honored by the recognition this work has earned him. Such accolades have included the Mother Gamelin Award for Humanity, plus a special commendation from the City of Burbank for his contribution to Emergency Medical Care in the community.

Mr. Solakyan received his Masters of Business Administration from the George Washington University School of Business in Washington D.C.